Ep. 25: Michael Greger MD – Plant Based Diets To Reverse 20 Diseases – Pritikin & Delgado Diet

Posted 1 year ago

Dr. Nick Delgado hosts a talk with Michael Greger, MD, author of “How Not to Die” and one of the most scientifically based non biased websites on how a Plant Based Diet can greatly help to prevent and combat 20+ chronic/deadly diseases. Michael Greger credits Nathan Pritikin, Nick Delgado’s mentor with saving his grandmother’s life from death’s door (coronary heart disease) and focusing his entire medical career on the prevention and treatment of the worst chronic disease killers in the western world. Watch for more collaboration, videos and podcasts at DelgadoProtocol.com. Call (949) 720-1554 to get the Simply Healthy Cookbook (oil-free, plant based cookbook consistent with Michael Greger’s philosophy)