Ep. 10: David Brownstein DO – Thyroid – Iodine

Doctors stopped diagnosing issues with the Thyroid with clinical use and solely rely on blood tests which are not as effectivenBrownstein believes we need milligrams and not just microgramsnFind out what the imbalances are when it comes to mineralsnDr. Brownstein deals with thyroid issuesnWhat should we do about thyroid issuesnRadioactive Iodine should not be used anymorenBromide is used in consumer goods. It’s a fire retardantnn5 simple steps to detoxify. n1) educate yourselfn2) keep hydrated n3) adequate salt in the diet n4) correct nutrient deficiencies n5) Identify which toxic levels are in younnTo learn more visit DelgadoProtocol.com.

Ep. 11: Corey Howard MD – Microbiome, Antibacterial= Go…il Free Diet

There’s more bacteria in the body than your own cells. The understanding of the micro-biome is still in its infancy. Antibacterial soap is killing the good bacteria. Antibiotics are disrupting the micro-biome in people. Unhealthy diets cause a shift of good to bad bacteria in the gut. Best way to fight cancer: nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress, and environmental toxicities

Ep. 7: Brooke Goldner MD & Thomas Tadlock – Surviving Lupus – Vegetarianism, Inflammation

An incredible story of survival. Brook Goldner, MD goes through an incredible journey from illness to miraculous recovery with the support of her husband Thomas Tadlock. Overcoming a deadly disease against all odds by changing diet and nutrition habits.