Ep. 23: Exposing The Myths About Protein – Major Cause O…cer- Dr Nick.mp3

Double your muscle mass over the course of 5 years by simply training and augmenting hormones. Protein requirements are the most misunderstood topic Dr. Nick has reviewed over the past 40 years. This confusion results in more diseases and health problems. Learn the truth about animal protein vs plant protein. WATCH FOR THE INTERVIEW WITH PROTEINAHOLICS AUTHOR GARTH DAVIS MD

Ep. 17: Dr. Nick – Chronic Fatigue & Fibromialgla – Dr. David Blyweiss MD – Fuctional Medicine

>The things that we thought are not reversable, actually can be reveresedn>Estrogen dominace – zeno estrogensn>The power of the mindn>Need to detox everydayn>Supplement what you needn>Microbiomen>How to contact the doctorn>treating fibromyalgia

Ep. 19: Dr. Nick With Dr. Vivek Wadwha – Singularity University – Polluted Water Solutions

Dr. Nick Delgado and Dr. Vivek Wadhwa talk about how AIC Chile is building a machine that can bring a 100% sanitized water. Technological innovations are bringing disruption to all industries at a rapid pace. Robotics, Nanotech and Software are making the world a better place.

Ep. 14 Dr. James Lavelle PharmD – Mood Energies – Immun…e – Dr. Nick.mp3

The brain and the gut are directly connect and the gut can affect your brainnNot getting breast fed or having a C section all affect the micro-biome of the baby. High stress of the mother also affects the micro biome of the babynOverstressed can cause a gut disruptionnKey things to do: Probiotics, resistant starch, taking beneficial flora. (fermented foods). Don’t overtrainnAddiction issues due to dopamine levels being compromisednUp the consumption of fibernUses slim blend to help get enough fiber in the bodynFor more information visit DelgadoProtocol.com

Ep. 10: David Brownstein DO – Thyroid – Iodine

Doctors stopped diagnosing issues with the Thyroid with clinical use and solely rely on blood tests which are not as effectivenBrownstein believes we need milligrams and not just microgramsnFind out what the imbalances are when it comes to mineralsnDr. Brownstein deals with thyroid issuesnWhat should we do about thyroid issuesnRadioactive Iodine should not be used anymorenBromide is used in consumer goods. It’s a fire retardantnn5 simple steps to detoxify. n1) educate yourselfn2) keep hydrated n3) adequate salt in the diet n4) correct nutrient deficiencies n5) Identify which toxic levels are in younnTo learn more visit DelgadoProtocol.com.